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2012 BET Awards - Rehearsals - Day 2

Centric TV: Chanté Moore Hot New Music & Happily Single

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EXCLUSIVE: Chante Moore Talks Music, Showing Off Her Edgy Side, & Being Happy Without A Man

Chanté Moore Steps Into The Next Chapter Of Her Life – Aggressive, Edgy And Happily Single.

By Justin Joseph

With her new album Moore is More, in stores now, Chanté Moore is proving that she’s more than just a beautiful talent. After twenty-one years in the business, the 46-year-old star is stepping into the next chapter of her life as a single woman with a newfound edginess. And no, Chanté happily doesn’t have a man at home—her sentiments, not ours.

In recent years you’ve forged a great career in the gospel world, is this album going to be gospel? Or is it going to be a return to the more R&B, jazzy sound that you were originally known for?
Well, it’s hard because I am gospel. I am R&B. I am love songs. I don’t think that it’s about trying to be one or the other. I will say that I’m feeling very edgy in my life right now, so [I] have really strong up-tempo music.

Will this newfound edge set this upcoming album apart from your past albums?
I think each album is like where I am and I definitely go back and chronicle my life based on what I write about in each album. Right now it’s aggressive, happy, joyful and bubbly.

I saw a couple of your new promo pictures and you look amazing. I know they say black don’t crack but there has to be some other secret. So what’s yours?
Thank you, I appreciate that. I like that a lot [laughs]. I think it’s about the joy on the inside. Honestly, I love to eat, but I like to eat good food also. I like to eat pizza but I love broccoli. I love to eat crabs, I love to eat ribs. But I love to eat quinoa. I have a pretty good balance of the good [and] the bad. I love salad, but I like a good steak next to that too.

Do you work out regularly?
I’m working out more now because I just want to take it to another level. I know I have a pretty resilient body because as a younger woman I always worked out. It was always something I did, but then in the last ten or 14 years or so I kind have been a little lazier riding on the last bit of the wave of the old working out [routine]. I’m really just trying to step up the game as far as the physical is concerned, just getting in the best shape of my life because this is the best time of my life. So why not enjoy it and look and feel great about the way I look?

There’s a string of new female R&B artists that are coming up or in development, that are kind of reminiscent of your sound. Do you feel like you have to keep up with those girls, and how do you feel about the new landscape of music?
I don’t feel the pressure of that at all. Nobody can be me but me. There are imitations of a lot of stuff, but the original is always the best. All I can be is me. I can’t be 15 anymore because I’m not. I say ladies come with it. Let’s do it. Let’s make good music, that’s what’s most important. Sing your heart, sing your song and be the most authentic you that you can be because that’s all you can do. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve grown up and I’m a really grown woman. But I’m not an old woman so I still have a whole lot to say. Hopefully I say it better than I did. I definitely sing it better than I did. So watch out ladies!

After you performed the Donna Summer tribute at the 2012 BET Awards, people were going crazy over you on Twitter. How did that make you feel? Because it was clear you still have it.
Well, it was exciting to get the accolade from the people who hadn’t seen me in a while and to have the opportunity was just amazing to me. There are so many people who have come and gone and haven’t come back. We don’t know where they are, what they’re doing, where their voices are, if there is a voice left. I’m just so honored and pleased and excited to be able to do what I love to do for a living since 1992.

I understand you’re a private person, but are you in love right now? Does Chanté have a man?
No. Chanté’s happy because Chanté don’t have a man [laughs]. I’m so glad, I don’t know what to do with myself. Well, I do know what to do with myself. It’s funny every time I say, I don’t know what to do with myself, I go, “Wait a minute, yes I do.” I’m going to enjoy my life. I’m having such a good time just being free. Just waking up and looking at the sunshine through my window, and nobody else being in the bed here with me. It’s a wonderful thing.


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